We've helped many families find their first home, or expand into something bigger with new additions to their family.

We are also the ones that you call when your current agent did not prove positive results for you. We sell the homes that were expired using our direct marketing that have been proven effective combining new technology and traditional methods.


We are originally from Mexico, but lived most of our life in the beautiful city of San Antonio. We've always been a get things done personality type, We like to get our clients the best quality service possible and leave no details left behind. We will guide you through the process of home buying or selling to make the whole journey more smoother for you. When we represent you we will strive to get you the most for your money and or your property.


"All of my experience has been in sales and negotiating as my family background is of entrepreneurs and business owners in Mexico and here in San Antonio. i love photography and would make your home stand out from the rest, i am also a graphic designer and I will always go that extra mile for my clients, as this is the stream that makes my business flow, your referrals. I have read many books and gone to numerous seminars to aid in my constant learning development to effectively sell your home and get you the most out of it!"

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Roberto Gomez

Licensed Broker​ REALTOR®

"No matter the long and rocky journey  ahead, we will be there with you to guide every step of the way, with God's Help"

"A buying process is a delicate transaction, your home will be witness of many triumphs in your life and your family's, and I wanted to be just the right one for that matter. i will take my time to explain to you the ways things develop in the buying process to make it as easy as abc for you. at the same time save you the most money possible!"  new homes and owner financed are my specialty, let me help you!"